ventao Partner Newsletters

In 2015 we started producing a partner newsletter every three months in order to support our members with their tasks to keep partners informed about the weltwärts program.

We aim at providing all partner newsletters in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, relying on pro-bono translators from for this task.
Thank you so much for your support and excellent work!

So far the following partner newsletters have been issued:


No 1: Introduction of ventao and the weltwärts program
No 2: The weltwärts quality system
No 3: Partner engagement and partner dialogue
No 4: Diversity and inclusion in the weltwärts program
No 5: The South-North component
No 6: Accompanying Measures
No 7: Pedagogical Support


No 1: Introducción de ventao y del programa weltwaerts
No 2: El sistema de calidad de weltwaerts
No 3: La participación de los socios en el programa weltwaerts
No 4: Diversidad e inclusión en el programa weltwaerts
No 5: El componente Sur-Norte del programa weltwaerts
No 6: Las medidas de acompañamiento
No 7: El acompañamiento pedagógico


No 1: Introdução de ventao e do programa weltwaerts
No 2: O sistema de qualidade de weltwaerts
No 3: O envolvimento dos parceiros no programa weltwaerts
No 4: Diversidade e inclusão no programa weltwaerts
No 5: O componente Sul-Norte do programa weltwaerts
No 6: Medidas de acompanhamento do programa weltwaerts
No 7: É suporte pedagógico


No 3: L’engagement des partenaires et le dialogue dans le programme weltwaerts
No 4: La diversité et l’inclusion au sein du programme weltwaerts
No 5: La composante Sud-Nord du programme weltwaert
No 6: L’accompagnement des mesures du programme
No 7: Le soutien pédagogiqueLe soutien pédagogique